Job Search Strategy & Skills Training


Manage the Search, Stay Motivated & Land a Good-Fit Job

 Are your members, students, alumni current becoming frustrated with their job search?  Are they using outdated  methods and relying only on job boards to uncover leads and advance their search? Are  their interviewing, project management, and networking skills  supporting their efforts to land a good-fit job? The Job Search Strategy and Skills training will  teach them how to:

  • Develop a balanced, diversified job search strategy that delivers results

  • Network effectively to receive referrals to uncover best-fit jobs for you

  • Prepare to ace virtual, in-person, and other interviews to secure an offer

  • Secure and prepare great references

  • Receive and give LinkedIn recommendations

  • Negotiate to meet job, salary, and benefit goals


RACS offers the following services:

  • Webinars, Workshops, Lunch and Learns

  • Individual Career Coaching and Career Planning Consultations

  • Resume Review and LinkedIn Profile Strategy Sessions

  • Career Center Management and Career Education Programming Support


Please contact for more information. Look forward to speaking with you!


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