What Clients Are Saying

Making a Move After 20-Plus Years: Rebranding and Job Search Support Rejuvenates Career

Phaedra came highly recommended to me by a colleague who was impressed by her strategic and thorough approach as a career coach and resume writer. After nearly 25 years at the same organization, I realized that I needed more than just a resume but also a boost in confidence and help in figuring out the next best move for me and how to best brand myself both on paper and in-person.

Phaedra helped me identify an ideal job target, define and communicate my brand through an executive resume, optimized LinkedIn profile, and cover letter; she also coached me through my job search—which was crucial as it’s so easy to push the job search aside when you have other obligations and a demanding job.

I’m pleased to say that during our work together I received and accepted an offer for a job that was not only perfect for me content and level wise but also resulted in a 33% salary increase

I would recommend Phaedra’s services to others who, like me, may have been out of the job market for a while and are looking for some support in getting out there and promoting themselves for their next career move. I can’t thank her enough.   
PS, Sr. Director, Industry & International Relations, ABC Professional Society

Connecting the Dots: From Association Consultant to Association CEO

When I decided to transition from consulting to an association/non-profit CEO or Executive Director position, I was having difficulty getting search committees and firms to see how the spectrum of my experience as an association executive and an association management  consultant qualified me to serve as an association CEO.

Phaedra’s in-depth guided process produced an outstanding resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter, which focused on how, as an association management consultant, I successfully helped associations develop strategies to address a variety of issues to improve their operations...The rebranded resume, LinkedIn profile, and her strategic advice helped me to secure an association CEO position, which turned out to be exactly the one I wanted.

I strongly recommend Phaedra to those professionals who, like me, are on the journey to achieve their career goals. I cannot recommend her highly enough."
CS, President & CEO,  National Health Care Society

Combining Passion and Experience to Land Ideal Job

Over the past few years, the constant changes in the publishing industry led me to re-evaluate my career prospects. Because I was a mid-level manager who’d been at my company for more than 20 years, I wanted to think strategically about my next steps.

I also wanted to work in an environment with a larger mission and incorporate the skills I enjoyed using through my community service work. But it was it is difficult for me to "toot my own horn" in a strategic way.

Going through Phaedra’s in-depth process of self-reflection and shaping my resume and LinkedIn profile helped me get clearer about what my assets were and therefore, gave me confidence when interviewing and networking.

 Within weeks of our work together, I learned from my network about a communications director position that blended my communications experience with my community work in a way that was perfect for me. I interviewed for and was offered the position.

My new job allows me to check all of the boxes for what I was looking for in my ideal job. I am very appreciative of Phaedra’s role in helping me strategize my next steps.
GC, Communications Director, Local Community and Housing Development Agency

Clearly Communicating Value Leads to Confidence & Perfect Position

When I hired Phaedra I had been feeling underappreciated and not challenged in my work for some time. After several changes in the organization, I realized that it was time to make a transition.

Because I hadn’t looked for work in 9 years and was a bit unsure about what I wanted to do next, I contacted Phaedra to help me explore possibilities as well as update my resume and LinkedIn profile. She took me through a thorough process that really helped me focus on what I liked to do and what I was good at.

We then created a resume and LinkedIn profile that clearly articulated the value I offered. I sent out my new resume and received a call the next day to interview for a job that seemed to be a perfect fit. I was offered the job a few days later and accepted.

Phaedra’s process helped me to discover things about myself that I had forgotten or overlooked and helped me regain my confidence. I’m so thankful to her for making my experience a productive and encouraging one. 
PB, Association Credentialing Manager

Successful Career Transitions with Customized Guidance & Support

I highly recommend Phaedra for resume writing and career coaching. Over the past 5 years, I've used her services twice and found her guidance and support instrumental in transitioning into different sectors within the nonprofit field.

She has a keen eye for summarizing your skills and accomplishments into bite-size nuggets….and takes the time to ensure that you are getting what you need out of the coaching sessions….as you go through the peaks and valleys of a career search.

Further, she provided me with a number of helpful resources on growing my leadership and communications skill set even though I've worked in the nonprofit sector for 20 years.
KF, Program Director, National Literacy Nonprofit

 Compelling Career Story Increases Job Search Confidence

"It was a pleasure working with Phaedra. She drew a lot of things out of my work history that I hadn't even thought about adding to my resume. The finished product is strong, concise, and an attractive, compelling way of "telling my story" and I'm very proud of it.

Phaedra's help has allowed me to be more confident in looking for a new job as I haven’t looked for a job in several years. I feel more comfortable knowing I have a top-quality resume at my disposal. I highly recommend her."
SS, Web Content Manager, Hospital and Health Care System

Individual, Customized Feedback Found Empowering and Encouraging

Phaedra is a patient collaborator who carefully considers client needs before providing the detailed resume critique. She thinks about the document holistically, from structural fixes to helping pinpoint competencies.

Career changes are personal and stressful and Phaedra took a very individualized, tailored look at my resume.  It's not an exaggeration to say that this kind of service is pretty empowering. This was not a cookie-cutter process at all and was actually fun!

I learned a lot, reflected in a way that I would not have otherwise, and felt excited and confident once I received her feedback. I couldn't wait to dig in and give my document a fresh start.  JL, Managing Editor, National Professional Medical Society