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  • job-hunting for the first time in many years (or for the first-time ever) but unsure how to best present yourself in a modern, powerful way to land interviews for the more rewarding or challenging opportunity you deserve?
  • ready for senior leadership, but not sure how to write your resume to get interviews for executive-level positions you know you're qualified for?
  • committed to changing careers  but clueless about what to emphasize in your resume to show you're ready to work in a new, more satisfying field?

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5 Secrets to a Powerful Resume

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  • Gain confidence in effectively communicating your strongest selling points
  • Avoid the black hole and pass through computer screening
  • Design a resume that makes it easy for employers to quickly see the benefits of hiring you

As a certified career coach and  professional resume writer, I've used these strategies to help executives and mid-career professionals create winning resumes to land interviews for the type of work they desire.  And I'm happy to share them with you!

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The re-branded resume, LinkedIn profile, and Phaedra’s strategic advice helped me to secure an association CEO position, which turned out to be exactly the one I wanted!"  CEO, National Health Care Society


Free Tip Sheet & Checklist: 
5 Secrets to a Powerful Resume
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