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Strategic Networking for Quieter Types
You’ve heard over and over that networking is one of the best job search strategies you can use to find your next job—or your dream job, and it is. But it’s also the technique that most people really don’t understand and feel uncomfortable engaging in—especially if you consider yourself shy or on the quiet side.
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4 Key Areas to Know About Yourself to Ace the Interview
You applied for a position with your resume or someone saw your LinkedIn profile and contacted you for an interview—congrats. Now the real work of research and interview prep begins. Read more ...

New Study Details Secrets of Highly Effective Job Seekers
I am always interested in real stories and research evidence related to the job search. For that reason, I was pleased to learn about DeVry University’s recent study,“ What the Most Successful Job Seekers Do Right,” on the secrets of successful job seekers, conducted by its Career Advisory Board. Read more ...





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