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Has It Been a While Since You Looked for  a New Job?

Are you...

job-hunting for the first time in many years (or for the first-time ever); a bit concerned that your age/years of experience might be viewed as a negative; and not quite sure how to best present yourself in a modern, powerful way to land interviews for the more rewarding or challenging opportunity you deserve?

You're not alone. Many highly qualified professionals have resumes that don't do them justice and may even be reinforcing negative stereotypes often associated with older workers.

To help you create a resume that makes a great first impression by clearly articulating the unique value you offer,  this free cheat sheet and resume assessment "Over 40? 13 Modern Resume Strategies to Put Your Best Foot Forward to Get a Job You’ll Love,"  will show you how to

  • Overcome 3 major employer concerns about older workers
  • Powerfully communicate your brand, expertise, and strongest selling points
  • Make it easy for employers to quickly see the benefits of hiring you 

As both a certified career coach and certified professional resume writer, I've used these strategies to help executives and mid-career professionals over 40 create winning resumes to land interviews for the type of work they desire.  And I'm happy to share them with you!  Just complete the form on the right and claim your cheat sheet & resume assessment today!


Interested in learning more? Feel free to look around the site or click here to contact me directly. Look forward to speaking with you! 


After nearly 25 years at the same organization, I realized that I needed help in figuring out my next move  and how to best brand myself both on paper and in-person…Phaedra helped me identify an ideal job target, define and communicate my brand through an executive resume, optimized LinkedIn profile, and cover letter; she also coached me through my job search….. during our work together, I received and accepted an offer for a job that was not only perfect for me content and level wise but also resulted in a 33% salary increase!  I can't thank her enough.      --Senior Director, ABC Professional Society.





Free Cheat Sheet & Resume Assessment
Over 40? 13 Modern Resume Hacks to Put Your Best Foot Forward to
Get a Job You’ll Love


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