Job Search Strategy & Support Coaching

Are your current job search efforts not yielding results?

  • Are you uncertain about how to structure your time to balance doing your current job while effectively conducting a job search? 
  • Think you might be using outdated or ineffective methods in your search to uncover leads?
  • Are you becoming frustrated and starting to feel desperate and like you’ll never find a job?  

If so, you are not alone. A job search is a tough transition for most folks, but there are ways to diversify your approach to get better leads and there’s support out there to help you navigate this journey.  While there are so many things that are out of your control, there are things that you can do to gain more control and to be in the driver seat to find your next best employer. 

The following packages will help you conduct a strategic job search so you can optimize your search activities and net quicker results and land that next opportunity faster.  Each package includes one-on-one sessions;  relevant assessments;  in-between session email support; and access to selected career resources. 

Develop Your Diversified Job Search Strategy and Action Plan
Once you’ve decided on your goal, have your branded resume and LinkedIn profile, and other personal marketing documents in place, it’s time to implement your search. To ensure that you conduct the most efficient search, a diversified job search approach is critical as well as consistent action toward your goal. In this package, you’ll walk away with:

Networking Resume/Personal Marketing Plan with target companies, industries, and key contacts
Diversified Search Strategy outlining the best mix of the four primary job search tactics to proactively develop leads and get in front of desired employers
A Job Search Action Plan  Format to help you develop daily, weekly, or monthly to-do's to stay on track and keep the momentum going
Tools and suggested resources to help you organize and manage your search. 

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Job Search Support & Accountability Coaching  
Two or three job search coaching sessions per month to help keep you on track and to support you in conducting a diversified search,  interviewing, networking, salary negotiation, and other issues that arise based on your specific needs. 

Available month-to-month with discounts for 3-month and 6-month packages.

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